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N E W L I P S !

 DOWNLOAD on my Blog:


Hey! I often make cc myself ... But I also upload cc that is not so popular but it deserves it! I do not want to be hated. If there is broken cc you can of course say it under the cc photo itself. But first I will test if it is not broken !! I hope you will have a lot of fun on this profile😋

Happy Holidays

Wishing All Of You A Wonderful Christmas Celebration




HAPPY HOLIDAYS  wish all of your a peaceful and happy CHRISTMAS and a great 2019, hope all of your wishes come true. Hugs matomibotaki

Latest News!^^ Happy Holidays^^

Hello friends !
I want to wish everyone happy holidays, and a very happy 2019.
At the moment I have too many clothes (and more) to highlight,
so I paused the lots, but I'll come back.
I follow my inspiration ^^
Kisses and for support thanks!


HI EVERYBODY :3. Soo yeah. BYE

Best Sims 4 Mods

Try out the best sims 4 mods from the Sims 4 mods collection that will make your gaming experience more fun. We have described how to install best Sims 4 mods in your game and also the list of mods you should try out with enough information.

Sims 4 mods nexus - Emotional Inertia

Sims are an emotional in nature, and their moods flip like a light switch. By just doing the basic activities—having an good meal in a well-decorated room—will fill them with joy for a few hours, but then the feeling will vanish. If it is not according to your taste, or if you think the system is just too easy to control, then you might want to download Emotional Inertia.   

Sims 4 mods - Get a job

Modders every week add new careers to ModTheSims, so if you’re ever need inspiration on which direction to steer your Sim in, give it a browse. The visualisation behind them is impressive, and most of them give you a fully-fleshed out path to follow. If you want to become a bowling champ, game developer, professional hacker or private investigator, you can now follow your dreams. This mod comes into Sims 4 career mods. Here, like transforming our sim from a basketball draft pick to league MVP in the SBA Baller career.

Sims 4 mods nexus - New personality traits

The Sims 4 has very long list of traits that change the way a Sim behaves, and just because they’re relatively easy for modders to create you can quickly expand that list through custom content. Gamer trait, for example, it lets Sims to improve their gaming and programming skills faster, while the Functional Robots will be in group of traits that lets you spawn human-machine hybrid Sims, or just full-on robots who must have to visit a recharging station in every few hours.

submitting to tsr

Well have to say I'm pretty disappointed right now.  I have used TSR for years and played sims since Sims2.  Always just a downloader, never a submitter.  So I finally tried submitting an item.  Just a simple collection of paintings done by a well-known artist.  I made them for myself using Sims 4 Studio (great program btw) but thought others might enjoy them as well. 

The process to submit an item was absolutely horrendous.  I read up as much of the help I thought applicable before hand, tried to fill out the submission forms, only to find out there were issues with my images (wrong size).  So went back, re-did it all, and again, an issue (I had to upload my package to another server before it would go to TSR???)  Ok fine, so I went and added it to Google drive, along with my photos, gave the right permissions.  I had to then resubmit my submission because of course each time the form on TSR reset it did not save what I had already put there in the way of a description, title, etc.  So needless to say I spent several hours on this, only to still get rejected over the name which was exactly as TSR asked, descriptive of what it was... I mean how many ways can you describe a set of pictures by the artist (I got some message about not accepting created by but I didn't say created by... I did include the real life name of the artist who deserved credit for his work!)?  Something was still wrong somehow with my pictures even though I used TSR's criteria and looked at the page preview and it all looked fine. 

So I give up.  I found this whole process difficult, confusing and extremely frustrating.  I guess the same folks who are always submitting, will keep on, but until TSR gets a bit more friendly toward newbies, I won't be trying this again.  Bad form TSR.

Report card for 2018.

the last few months have been a bit of a seesaw with health problems taking precedence over most other things . . except perhaps keeping up a supply of uploads here on TSR . . . which I have tried to do with mixed results LOL.    I have baging breathing difficulties right now  .  and also recovering from the first cataract surgery . . not a good combination under any circumstances.  So, even though I read every comment I just haven't had the available time/energy at the same time, to spend it on return posts.   That isn't likely to change short term . . so please continue to let me know what you think, even though it might be months before I get to respond . . it's not personal, just a fact of my life right now . . . but I'm winning and that is the point.  Greetings of the Season to those who celebrate Christmas . . . and for everyone, good luck for a stress-free 2019 . . all  year long.   Love to all.    Marg. xoxo

First Post - Back to Work!

Hi everyone!

First off, I'd like to introduce myself! (I should have done this when I first started here - whoops!)  I'm neinahpets (pronounced: knee-an-ah-pets)! Nice to meet you all! I'm a 35 year old American living in Canada with my husband and 3 furbabies.  Thank you all for such a warm welcome and interest in my designs! I hope to one day be able to create my own meshes from scratch, but for now I will stick to designing the best recolors and other designs, lots, etc that I can for the community.

I first uploaded in April 2018 but it was also that month that I started hairdressing school so that has taken up most of my time. I am now in the final stretch and am able to design regularly again. I currently have about 21 items pending review so stay tuned for constant updates! 

If you have a theme request or a special watercolor style I will be happy to hear it out and see what I already have or can do :)

Thanks again for your continued support!



Hello, this is my first post btw. Where do u guys get ur toddler/kids things from?

I dont really know so much creators who does kids/toddler clothes so please tell me! :)

Keira Thicc(sim)

I didn't give u the CCs, but you can ask me, if you interesting in something in the comment down here. Thanks for download.

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We're counting down the 12 days until Christmas, and we'll be giving away prizes every day! Starting today, a new post will appear on Facebook showing some of that day's new FA creations. You must comment on the post in order to be entered (multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning).

We'll be choosing three winners a day! When the next day's post is ready, the winners will be tagged on the previous day's post. If you're a winner, you can send us a message on Facebook, or you can send me a Private Message here. We use the random number generator from the lovely people at Math Goodies to pick the winners:

Prizes include the expansion pack, game pack or stuff pack of your choice and/or free VIP in increments of one month, six months or twelve months! 

Good Luck, Have Fun and Happy Holidays!

Saying Hi.


How was your day? It's 15:42 at the moment for me!

Just uploaded my first furniture CC!


Sneak Peek Episode 2

Hello all!

I will be finished the semester on the 13th of December, so you should start seeing more creations coming soon! I apologize for the delay on the release of my newest piece, no idea what happened there. (It sat in review for almost a week ;-;)

Here is a sneak peek of my upcoming piece! I hope to have it submitted on the 9th or 10th.


Any Christmas Soundtrack?

Is there any way to add christmas soundtrack to the Sims



Two Years!

Today marks the two year anniversary of uploading cc!
Time truly does fly by so fast. This year has been a rollercoaster, and full of ups and downs. A lot of things went crazy, but a lot of amazing things also happened.

At points I felt like quiting making cc all together, but something kept me going. And I'm so grateful I did. 
Making stuff for you guys really does make me happy. Being able to share my unique style with others who have the same interest is amazing. 

I don't like to look at the numbers aspect of things, but this year I surpassed 3 million downloads. That is insane. Never did I imagine I'd be where I am today, and I'm forever grateful for all the love and support you've all given me. 

My content has improved a lot this year, and I'm excited to see how things look like a year from now. 

Being 16 years old, I still have to figure out the balance of school and sims, but I still try to keep my happy medium. I just want to bring you guys new content as often as possible. I can't speak for the future, but I will try my hardest to make this new year the best we've seen yet!

It's time to leave all the negativity behind, and welcome the new year with open arms. 

Thank you guys for making this all possible for me. Literally none of this would be possible without you guys!

Love you all, and here's to two years!

~ Emma

Modern Laundry Part 3, December 5th

Happy Holidays!

Modern Laundry Part III is scheduled for publication on December 5, 2018. Part III includes 10 new objects for your laundry room, which are bath towels, clothes rack, laundry organizer unit, SCraft Pro steam iron, empty basket for storage, a smaller stack of bath towels, a trio of wall art, wall lighting, wicker basket filled with clothes, and an empty wicker laundry basket. Now your Sims can steam, press, and fold in luxury and comfort. Happy Simming!

An updated Modern Laundry collection folder is available for download at MediaFire, here.

Hugs and Take care,

Carolyn aka Cashcraft

Sneak Peek :P

Helloo! Just wanted to letcha all know that I am sticking to my word. :P Here's a sneek peak of my upcoming release! I should have it submitted by tomorrow or Thursday! :3

P.S. I have something big coming soon. :P Expect it by Christmas!



Hey guys I wasnt around when all this was happening so I couldnt get back to all of you but I am aware that last patch pretty much broke all of my hairs and noone is able to pick colors due to the changes EA made. The reason why most of our hairs dont work anymore is because I (like many others) dont allow them for random. Now I heard that EA will work on fixing this issue and I wont be updating my hairs jet unless they anounce they wont be fixing it. So far there are 2 teporery fixes that will make the hairs work again and they require you to download eather tsrws or s4s, the tools creators usualy use for creating stuff. Both have a fix that will automatically enable all of your hairs for random which will fix the issue you are having at the moment and if EA comes out with a fix you will be able to go back and redownload all the hairs you like if you dont want them randomly popping all ower your game which I strongly suggest. Hairs I post in the future will be allowed for random untill the issue is fixed and I will probably update those later disabeling the random option.

You can get tsrws HERE after instaling the program all you need to do is go to tools and run patch fix for hair
You can find a link to download s4s and a short explanation on how to run the fix HERE

Hope this was helpfoul.
<3 Nightcrawler

November Update!

Hello lovely simmers!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fall, I personally have been stuck behind a large pile of textbooks! I'm about halfway done my degree, so the pressure is on to push to the end. I am also aware that this has massively affected my piece production. I'm sorry. :c 

However, with the release of Marvelous Designer 8 and the Sims 4 Get Famous expansion, I have a very strong desire to make some new things. I want to be real with you all though about my schedule until the end of my semester in December (I'll have a month and a half off after that!)

I will do my best to put out one new piece every two weeks until the end of my semester. Finals are approaching and frankly I'm not feeling extremely confident for them haha. The reason behind this new schedule change is to:

- Allow for me to adjust to the new techniques in MD8
- Brush up on my skills
- Give me plenty of time to focus on my finals (*cries over thesis paper*)
- Play with all of the new items that have been added to CAS

(I'm also considering branching into furniture retextures *thinking face*)

So, please bare with me until this semester ends and I will be back to my normal schedule starting the second week of December until about mid January. 

Looking forward to it xx


the new update screwed it all up but there is a solution! all you gotta do is download sims4 studio and there they have batch fixes. 

when you have it download go to: content management -> batch fixes -> CAS -> Allow CC for random


for me it worked^^

T.O.U. (Terms of Use)

  • Do not reupload my creations to any other websites, specially PAYSITES.
  • Do not take my textures and pass them off as yours, neither do you use them for your content.
  • Do not convert to other games, 3d programs or something like that (this counts even for personal use).
  • Do not convert to other sims games (this counts even for personal use).
  • Do not claim my creations as your own.
  • Just be respectful and everything should be fine.
  • If you use any of my custom content, please use the following tag “BERKELIUMCC” on tumblr to reblog your post.


If you have a problem with my CC, you can let me know with a private message.

New upcoming collection! Inspired by BTS!

I have a new BTS-inspired clothing collection for male coming soon!!

I actually made it ages ago when the FIRE MV was first released, but I never actually uploaded the collection to TSR. The looks are inspired by/based on clothing looks from the FIRE music video. I loved their ripped black skinny jeans and colorful patterned/Hawaiian-style shirts combo. This collection will feature a couple types of patterned shirts, the ripped black skinny jeans, shorts, and a few accsessories. 

Modern Laundry Part 2, Nov. 12th


Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on Modern Laundry Part I, I really appreciate the feedback. Laundry Part 2, is set for publication on November 12, 2018.

Part 2 includes 8 additiional new objects, lots of cleaning and laundry products, which are Wave, Fall, and Clean Earth laundry detergents, gallons of Ammonia and Cloroc Bleach, a pedestal drawer for the washer/dryer and 2 additional washer and dryer (_bottom objects) with lots of slots and when combined with Part I large appliances become stackable objects.

I am currently working on Modern Laundry Part 3, which I hope to release soon. A collection folder for Modern Laundry is available for download at MediaFire here.

Take Care and Happy Simming,

Carolyn aka Cashcraft

I'm coming BACK!

HEY! I have some wonderful and exciting new's! After taking a very long hiatus from the sims' franchise, I'm proud to announce that I will be making a come back! I'm cleaning up my gaming laptop, buying all the new game's and i will be good to go! I got most of the software I need to create clothing again. But this time it will only be for clothing.. I have no time to practice on anything else. I still will need to refresh my memory on everything. I need to download all the tools I use to use, and still remember on how to do it. lol. But anyways my clothing and models will be better thank ever!!! Thanks for you patience, Java. <3 



Can Personal Sound Tracks Be Added?

Hello everyone?


I wanted to asked if personal soundtracks can be added to the sims.



Modern Laundry Part I, Nov. 7th

It's a Modern Laundry Set scheduled for publication on November 7, 2018. Part I includes 8 new objects for your home, which are: a clothes hamper sorter, hanging clothes, an ironing board, Simco washer and dryer set, a laundry supplies cart, utility sink, and a laundry workstation. The set is decorative only. Part II will be available soon. Happy clothes sorting, folding and ironing!

A Modern Laundry collection folder is available for download at MediaFire here.

Thanks for downloading my creations and I hope you enjoy the set

R.I.P Andrea Thomas

This is a real life resemblance of the Beautiful Late Andrea Thomas whom was a part of my family.

  • She married into my family by marrying my brother and they had two adorable Boys.
  • They broke up and then years later found each other again, but after a long time they then realised it was not going to work and finally divorced but stayed best friends.
  • My brother re-married and his new wife became good friends with Andrea too.
  • Andrea stole the heart of anyone she came across, however her life was cut short when she was Diagnosed with Cancer and she then deteriorated fast.
  • We all were told to say our goodbyes and it hit us all very fast and painfully.
  • We miss her everyday, and she is truely loved now and forever. So i created this sim as a tribute.

Andrea I know you went back home to heaven, but never forget we love you and always did, our precious Angel Andrea Thomas. xoxoxoxo

Super Day

Went out to the real world today after the work at my Kosmetolog job. Came out perfect as i was giving this perfect ansigtsbehandling københavn to this beautyful girl.

Asliene collection Nov 2018

Here collection asliene for novembre

Hi everyone

I'm quite new new here. I don't know most of you at all very well but i will love to.


My Name Is Prince kaybee Tribute To HHP from South Africa.

I watch TV shows on iTunes, Microsoft Store, Netflix, Hulu, and sometimes on TLC and Investigation Discovery

I love music.


Hello,Im New! :)

Hello,I am new there. And I dont know how to create meshes here. Can you help meh? :)

Hello, everyone.

I'm new here. I don't know you at all very well. I love to sing. I taught myself singing lessons in January 1994. I taught myself acting lessons when I was 10 years old. I taught myself voice acting lessons when I was 14 years old. I finished high school at age 20 in 2002. I just got hired to make eggs and Canadian bacon at McDonald's recently. I'm going to be working 2 jobs from now on. Hopefully someday, I'd be working 3 jobs. I thought about registering as self-employed in order to become a voice actress, a model, a fashion designer, an author, and a lead singer of my own pop band called Drunk American Ninjas. I am thinking about writing my own songs. The only musical instrument I plan on playing is my voice. I hope to hire an a voice acting coach, a singing coach and a modeling coach after I move out of the group home. I smoke what kind of cigarettes I can afford. I don't smoke cigars anymore. The last time I smoked a cigar, I choked on a cigar smoke and vomited. I am never smoking cigars again. I sometimes go to the bar and have some beer, some wine, some tequilla, some champagne, and some vodka. I watch TV shows on iTunes, Microsoft Store, Netflix, Hulu, and sometimes on TLC and Investigation Discovery. My whole family and a lot of people have always hated me. It is my sister-in-law, her son and her granddaughter who made my whole family disown me. I hate my whole family for it. I want to have nothing to do with them except my mother and my grandparents. I'm sure my whole family don't want to have anything to do with me. I hope you all have a good night. Happy Simming.



Asdemi wool collection for october 2018

Asdemi wool collection for september 2018.  wool, chic and confortable clothing  collection. happy simming friends!



Hey guys, sorry for being absent for a while but i was having issues with my laptop and it turned out that the hard drive was dead basically. ive got a new one and i have all my artwork and files but not my programs. Ive been trying to recover as much as i can so it might be a while until i release some new cc. Im really sorry and i apreciate all of your support. Thank you :)


K i guess this is the only way i can do this since thier is no way that i am seeing to contact the people who  run the site to get help. I am having issues with the site, no none of the options yall have listen are what is going on with what i have wrong. what is going on is i have this long bar going straight down the middle of my screen with all the options of every single verison of all the sims and i can get rid of it. I cant see anything behind it lets me reload the page but it still doesnt go away, would greatly appricate it if someone could get back with me on this or better yet fix it.

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