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**debug** instead of object name

Hello simmers!

We don't know why since March 2018 some few people started to have cc objects showing up with name **debug** instead of the set name and object description.

Seems that March 2018 patch messed up something and now, although it shows perfect to us in our computers (both of us) some users are not seeing nor description, nor name on their game, only **debug**.

We are talking with other artists, asking friends to test our own on their machines (thanks to Danuta ♥ and Sara ♥ ) and do what we can but maybe it will delay a bit to solve it since this is a very random case.

As soon as there's a fix for this, we will fix and reupload our latest sets.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Wish you have a happy simming!

maybe first submission??

So I submitted my first piece of cc to TSR!! I'm hoping that it will get accepted. If it does, please keep in mind that I'm fairly new to this cc making thing. I will get better with time so please do not tell me that it's bad, I already know, but I will hopefully get better!

Collection postponed

Hello everyone,

Due to the Japanese version of the Dragon Ball Super Franchise ended a few weeks back, and with the English Dub still being not even close to being caught up.
I have decided to postpone the rest of the collection, i do it because of the following reason.

Some people do not follow the japanese version and only the dub, there for i can't make t-shirts regarding the upcoming episodes, as i don't like spoiling it for them. So when the dub version has caught up i will continue with the collection. (at this moment they are about 80 episodes behind the japanese version when it ended, so its gonna take a while.)


i am gonna try to make custom content

To any Creator!

I got a friend looking for a certain type of dress for sims 4

Pantry Collection Folder

The collection folder for the Sims 3 Pantry set is available for download at MediaFire, here. The collection folder includes all set objects, Part I and Part II. Enjoy!

Pantry Part II is scheduled for publication on April 9, 2018.

Hugs and take care,


News! Sims 3 set, Pantry April 7th

Lovers of organization, rejoice! Pantry Part I, is made for you and includes 8 new objects for your home, a 4-tile pantry cabinet with 32 slots, a decorative only upright, vacuum cleaner, a wall mounted spice rack and an assortment of canned goods and dry products. I hope you enjoy the set and Pantry Part II, is coming very soon!

Sims 3 set, Pantry is scheduled for publication on April 7, 2018.

Take care,

Carolyn aka Cashcraft

simblr  this is my simblr! go follow me on Tumblr for more updates and such!          


Today i had nothing to do, so i decided to play one of my cutest family's. The family was made to test out 'cats and dogs' but i decied i liked it so uch that i play it very often. My sims is a vet and shes on level 9!! (no cheats!!) What levels are your vet-sims on?


Thanks for reading


Just Sharing My Art!

To see all my work visit my art portfolio site: here


I do take paid commissions on a case by case basis. Message me on here, DeviantArt, or from my website to make requests. 

Well that is all for this post. To see more visit my site that I listed above. 

I Love This Place!

Browsing TSR is theraputic!  I can shop till I drop and not pay a penny!  Sure, I don't physically get the clothes etc. BUT my Sims sure make out like bandits!  THX to all the amazing creators're the real MVP's!

Margot Moreau - List of Custom Content

Margot Moreau - Custom CC - Skills Maxed!

Margot Moreau

**List of all Mods from!**

- Artist: Natalis Item: NataliS_Metal toe pumps FT- FE -FIXED 

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: Chrome Tips Nails N15

- Artist: Stealthic Item: Stealthic - Persephone (Female Hair)

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: Feline Eyeliner N57

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: Taliesin Eyeshadow N49

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: Milky Berry Lip Gloss N72

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: Cyrell Eyes N125

- Artist: Toksik Item: toksik - Amanda Earrings

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: MM Eyebrows N17 - Velvet

- Artist: Pralinesims Item: Mania Choker

- Artist: MartyP Item: MP Strappy Plunge Swimsuit

Operetta daughter monster with opera

Zdjęcie użytkownika Kuba Makles.

Changes coming to my account

I will be changing the style to my artwork of my posts soon, about a week from now. I have another 4 posts pending at this moment before my style changes. (Might change photo and header too but not sure if I should???) Also I won't have photoshop soon so I will have to find a new program to use until I can afford photoshop again.


Design artist 3D modeling The Sims 3 game.

This program would work well for Battlegrounds modding. It's called MilkShape 3D. It should suffice for future models you may use in this project. MilkShape 3D is a Shareware low polygon 3D modelling program created by Mete Ciragan. It is used mainly for compiling models for Half-Life, Blockland, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, Rock Raiders, and other sandbox games. It is also used to create models for a large number of indie games, Milkshape 3D's repertoire of export capabilities has been extended considerably, due to the efforts of both its creator and the community around it, and it is now able to be used for most games today, so long as an exporter for the required format is available. MilkShape 3D has all basic operations like select, move, rotate, scale, extrude, turn edge, subdivide, among many others. MilkShape 3D also allows low-level editing with the vertex and face tool. Standard and extended primitives such as spheres, boxes, and cylinders are available. Milkshape 3D can export to over 70 file formats. MilkShape 3D is a skeletal animator. As well as supporting its own file-format, Milkshape 3D is able to export to morph target animation like the ones in the Quake model formats or to export to skeletal animations like Half-Life, Genesis3D, Unreal, etc. The number of file types that the program can support features all major 3D game engines from Source, to Unreal, to id Tech, to Lithtech. It has become known as a useful converter from one format to another. This software was created by chUmbaLum sOft, a small software company in Zurich, Switzerland, which was established in the autumn of 1996. chUmbaLum sOft develops 3D tools for games and other applications. MilkShape 3D was originally created as a low poly modelling program by Mete Ciragan for the GoldSrc engine. Over time many features were added as were many export formats. Though not as advanced as other leading 3D modelling programs, it remains effective for the user because it is simple and cost-effective.
Usage: "MilkShape 3D is shareware. This means that we have made the software available to you for free evaluation. The trial period is 30 days. After 30 days, if you decide to keep the software, you should register your copy with us for a small fee, otherwise all saving functions will be disabled."
Web Page please visit:

How to get rid of unwanted Custom Content The Sims 3 game.

My Sims look horrible.
My Sims have long arms and legs. They look like monsters.

Install the Sims3Packs application.
Download Houses and Sims from Exchange and other sites may not be associated with specific content that you do not want. These are Sims3Packs, because package files do not spread like this. For this reason, you do not have to be afraid to get a way to get through your file through another file. Unfortunately, it is very easy to find such bad personal content that makes the Sim terrible.
Prevent unwanted individual content.
Never install Sims3Pack directly after installing Sims3Pack. Add to Game does not directly install the content until the game is closed and no longer installs at the same time. The Save As option often corrupts the file and can not be used.
Then you can find the file in the user directory \ downloads and check it out. Download Custard (aka CleanInstalled) by Delphy. With this tool, you can check all the files and decide if you want to install them. You can also clean the file for unwanted things. Data displayed in browser. My game is updated. Why say the game update? If you downloaded Sims and Houses from the Exchange program, the website will show you which Store Items and additions are needed for download. Sometimes you say please update the game. This notification is available to everyone as soon as downloading is required. Some Store contents will only work if you have a certain patch level. This message does not mean anything if the latest fix is ​​made. Your browser does not check the installed version.

I found really good program to clean up sims3packs on modthesims.
CUSTARD Sims3Pack Cleaner.

First what you should do is to download this tool from modthesims:

It can check if sims3packs are broken, wrong downloaded, content some bad files inside. Corrupted files can mess your game, make it slow or unplayable. I love to download custom content to the sims 3 game and I can't imagine to not check every file that I am downloading with Custard or with Dashboard tool (to check mods also made by Delphy on mts). It is too big risk because many files are made wrong by creators also there is many bad files on exchange. The easiest way to avoid bad files is not to download custom content ;) but if you are an addict like me you need to learn how to protect your game from unwanted files.
It is test version and Delphy is still working on it. If you have any problems and questions about it write comment under link to this program on modthesims.
With this program I am checking if custom content (sims3packs) that I am downloading from sim sites are broken.

I advice you to remove any corrupted items from the game or if you didn't put it yet to not install it. Now what to do if you downloaded something from exchange like sim or house and there are some items that you don't want to install into your game. Lets see some sim from exchange. I have here example of sim with naked bottoms. If you don't want to see sims walking in your city naked the best way is to remove this content from sims3pack file. It's very common problem from exchange. This is picture of the sim file. You can see thumbnail (pictures the same that you see on exchange) and under pictures are all custom content files that are included with this sim and naked bottoms or tops.

I think that is everything what I can say about this tool. I hope you can find it useful.
Happy simming without broken and unwanted content : Rodzsersims :-)


Thirteen million and counting . . .who would have thought it . . .not me in all my imaginings when I first started here on TSR.  It really delights me that even though I have not created for Sims3 for a few months now, the downloads are still happening . . .and the lovely people doing them are adding to my 'swag' every day.  Particular thanks to you, whoever you are.  If you have left a comment, then I will be thanking you personally . . .soon!

I have recently uploaded a few paintings and wall designs for Sims4 . .  and am very happy with the response.  To tose dear hearts who leave comments for both TS3 and TS4, I have to warn that I only get to respond about once a month . . so do not think you are overlooked, forgotten or ignored . . that is not happening . . what is happening is that I still have to ration my time for these catchup sessions . . .I seem to have more happening at 80 than I did at 40  . .  but I will get to you . . .as soon as I can.

Have a great Sim year and happy downloading . . .

Marg xoxo

Sorry for the delay on the DBS Collection

Hello all,

Sorry for the delay on the Dragon Ball Super Collection i am making. It's because i am more focused at the moment on learning how to mesh.
And to be honest, its still not going the way i want it. I'll try to finish the next two in the list upcoming week, only need to do the sweatpants of those two.

Again my deepest apologies for the delay.

Check out my site!

Feel free to check out my website --->

Comments and Insanity

I've been making houses for TSR for nearly a year now and I've really only gotten a couple of comments on my houses that I just have to shake my head at.  When you download a house, or see one on TSR and you think something is wrong with it, download it and CHANGE IT.  It isn't a real house, you don't really need money to do it.  You just need to go to Edit Town, click on the house, click on the tools button and change it.

That's the beauty of digital manipulation.


Writing to me in a comment and making negative remarks is insanity.  If you don't like it, don't download it.  If you already did download it and decided you didn't like it, either delete it, or change it.

When I make a house or a building, I try to make it as realistic as possible.  Lets take for instance my recent building, "Silver Dentures Senior Apartments."  The only floor that has been decorated is the first floor.  There is one communal toilet, and the building has stairs.  But there are three other, undecorated floors with plenty of rooms...empty rooms.  You can add bathrooms in any one of these or all of these.  If you don't like the stairs, which would have been in an apartment for the elderly in decades past, make a place for elevators.

I make them so they aren't perfect so you can have the sastisfaction of fixing them.


We all have our thing on TSR.  Some adore making contemporary homes that are perfection in every way, but I like making quirky houses so people can put their sims in a house that feels real, or can change them to their satisfaction.

To complain that the house or building is not up to your standards when you can go to someone elses houses and download them, or change mine, is insanity Personified!

Now that I've had my say, I hold no ill will to that lost soul who commented, I merely wanted to point out the insanity of the comment.  Love to all!

cc sims4



need help with uploading a mod can anyone help



Could someone please make me The Dolan Twins? I love them and I would love them in my game.  I find them very attractiive haha! If someone could make me Ethan and Grayson i would be very happy if someone was willing to do it! xD If you do plan to make me them please reply to this post and message me the CC! Thank you!

Sudadera Retro PlayStation

Hola Simmers. ¿Que tal todo?


Somos LoveOfGamer. Una pareja dedicada al mundo de los videojuegos.

Venimos para ofreceros contenido personalizado y consejos sobre el mundo de Los Sims.

Como es nuestro estreno en la web, queremos compratir con vosotr@s una sudadera que

encantará. Si eres un amante de los videojuegos y las consolas concretamente de PlayStation,

esta sudadera le vendrá de perlas a tu Sim.





Hello to anyone who is reading this!

I am barely ever on TSR anymore, unless I am downloading CC. But I am making this post in the long shot that anyone may still be interested in the stories I have posted on TSR.

I have started writing very seriously and am currently in the process of turning my story Parasite into an actual book. The story and characters have evolved so much since the story posts I used to make on TSR. If you are interested in reading it or just want to chat then send me a message on TSR or email me at

Lack of posting

Hey everyone, really sorry I haven't been updating. My laptop broke a few weeks ago and ive been saving up for a new one. I plan to buy one within the week. Thank you :) 

My Tumblr Blog

I have made a Tumblr Blog to show off some Sims I have made as well as some funny captured moments. Feel free to check that out if you think it would interest you.


I'm Still Alive and Playing

I'm still here playing but not creating. A stroke in 2017 left me with one functioning side of my body ( not my dominant side unfortunately). It's too difficult to create using one hand to push three keystrokes Imagine CTRL, ALT, DEL) at the same time, but I'm still playing Sims 3.


I still get comments on my Sims 2 creations. I appreciate each and every one of them. I have tons of ideas for Sims 3 & 4 but no way to implement them. Living post stroke can be frustrating at times. I rejuvenated the builder's challenges across the forum, but discontinued my attempts because of inactivity of other TSR members and a lifestyle change.

After the death of my husband, I'm currently operating a homestead property with the hopes of being more self sufficient. You can find me on YouTube (cockeyed homestead) or my blogs ( or

Oh, and BTW, I'm officially Grandmajam of 10 now!


Dragon Ball Super Collection

Hello all, here is a list with all the upcoming sets of the DBS Collection.

Set #01                -    Goku                -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #02                -    Goku Black        -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #03                -    Gohan              -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants *
Set #04                -    Vegeta             -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #05                -    Freeza              -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #06                -    Android 17        -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #07                -    Android 18        -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #08                -    Krillin                 -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #09                -    Beerus                 -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #10                -    Picollo               -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #11                -    Zeno                -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #12                -    Whiz                 -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #13                -    Kid Trunks         -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #14                -    Goten               -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #15                -    Bulma                -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #16                -    Master Roshi       -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #17                -    Future Trunks     -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #18                -    Zamasu              -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #19                -    Supreme Kai's     -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #20                -    Jiren the Grey     -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants
Set #21                -    Toppo               -    T-Shirt/Sweatpants

All tho it seems that every set has been locked down already, as it has a set number. The release order might be totally different, all i can say now that the first 5 are actually in correct order :).

If there is one set in the list you guys want to see sooner then its on the list, let me know, if there are enough people that want that specific set, i can put it higher up in the list for release.

Greets, EsEmNL (Steven)

* Set 03 (Gohan) will contain a generic DBS cap with just the logo on it.

From Set 04 forward the sets will be male AND female after all, i figured out my stupidity in what i was doing wrong. Good learning moment tho :P

My Custom Baby Content

Hi everyone I've been getting questions as to how to apply my baby cc to your precious little ones in the game. Because babies are basically "objects" in the game you can't just change their clothing like your other sims, at least for now. Keeping my fingers crossed that someday this will change. However until then just drop the baby package file into your "MODS" folder (Please only place one package file in folder at a time or it will not work"). Open up your game and when your precious baby is born depending on whether it be male or female will depend which outfit it will have on. Should you decide to change your babies outfit simply go back to your "MODS" folder and swap baby cc package out for a new one. Open your game and continue to play. Hope this helps and thank you for the love and support you have shown for my baby cc. Much love to all.

yourusername>Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods

Eileen Wise and Tara Carr


!Do not give my work for their own!

Expansions I have installed:

*Get to work

*Outdoor retreat

*Spa day

*Luxury party stuff

*Perfect patio stuff

*Cool kitchen stuff

*Get together

*Spooky stuff

*Movie Hangout Stuff

*Romantic Garden Stuff

*Dine Out

*Kids Room Stuff

*Backyard Stuff

*City Living

*Vintage Glamour Stuff


*Bowling Night Stuff


*Fitness Stuff

*Toddler Stuff

*Cats and Dogs


Working on some new windows

Working on a new constructionset called the Richmond.

Window Richmond

100,000 downloads on my adidas pants .

Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for 100000 downloads on my adidas pants, it means alot to me that everyone enjoys them and in the future, i will continue to make more adidas styles for you all to enjoy. I also wanted to say that I was in the middle of making a new outfit, when my laptop just broke down out of nowhere. It is getting repaired now, and should be done in a week or so, but til then, I am afraid I wont be able to post anything new :( So sorry 💗

Coast Sun Set

Coast Sun Set

My CC Coming Soon

 my shirt and ariana grande hair rings coming soon!!!!!



To anyone and everyone reading this, I'm so happy to announce that I've finally broken my comfort zone and started posting my work for people to enjoy and download. I've learned a lot through these last couple weeks and my work as grown tremendously from my first published home to the ones that have yet to be uploaded. I'm very optimistic to where the future leads.

I work strictly with game items only, meaning that for as of now, I won't use any custom content in my home builts [NOCC].


unicorn hair

Lost All of My CC

I'm physically ill from this, and it pisses me off. Windows just *had* to update, and so now my Sims 4 mods folder is completely empty. I'm so confused as to how it got emptied... No one ever touches this laptop except for me, and I've already checked to see if I can restore previous versions but no. I'm pissed off, sad, done and I want to know if this has happened to anyone else. Or did Windows just decide to screw me over because I am who I am? Ughhh.

Happy 2018 Everyone

Wishing Everyone At TSR A Happy new year.

Let Me First Start By My Name, Am Mpendulo But You Can Call Me A-Reece.

Love Hip-Hop Songs


Lastly, Am Addicted To TSR

My tumblr

hi everyone. I am not sure if anyone can see this, but if you do and you enjoy my work, please check out my tumblr. I post some things on there that I do not post on tsr, and vice versa. Thank you :)


Latest Headlines

**debug** instead of object name maybe first submission?? Collection postponed cc To any Creator! Pantry Collection Folder News! Sims 3 set, Pantry April 7th simblr pets Just Sharing My Art! I Love This Place! Margot Moreau - List of Custom... Operetta daughter monster with... Changes coming to my account Design artist 3D modeling The... How to get rid of unwanted... WELL . . LOOK AT THAT! Sorry for the delay on the DBS... Check out my site! Comments and Insanity cc sims4 need help with uploading a mod... DOLAN TWINS Sudadera Retro PlayStation Parasite Lack of posting My Tumblr Blog I'm Still Alive and Playing Dragon Ball Super Collection My Custom Baby Content Eileen Wise and Tara Carr Working on some new windows 100,000 downloads on my adidas... Coast Sun Set My CC Coming Soon Success. hair Lost All of My CC Happy 2018 Everyone My tumblr
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